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A 2021 Guide For Medical Spa Marketing: Everything You Should Know

With everything, from the pandemic to the lack of social life taking a toll on people’s mental health, everyone is desperately looking for stress-busting solutions. And there can be no better stress-relief option than a medical spa. 

And that is why people are flocking to spas for relaxing, rejuvenating treatments. As a result, the spa industry is at a high. In 2019 alone, the Global Medical Spa Market size value was estimated at USD 13.82 billion.

But with tremendous growth comes great competition. And to stand out as a med spa, you need to be on your feet. And that means investing in a winning digital marketing strategy that makes you a household name. So read on to find out the best 2021 guide for digital marketing of med spas, and start becoming a hit online.

Ways to Excel at Medical Spa Digital Marketing

SEO and Online Listing

 Is having a fantastic Instagram page, a glowing website, and some well-designed pamphlets enough to attract customers these days? NO! These options are pretty good, but they are nowhere near search engines when it comes to bringing organic leads to your brand. In fact, a whopping majority of 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google Search, Images, and Maps.

So to attract more leads, you need to appear in people’s search engine results. And the way to do that is called SEO. The right SEO strategy can help you boost your SERP ranking and drive targeted traffic to your website. A combination of high-quality blogs, articles, social media posts, case studies, and promotional posts, all focused on your spa’s services and results can help you immensely.

Apart from these, listing your medical spa in online directories is also a great way to boost local visibility. For this, Google My Business is excellent. Set up a professional Google My Business profile with your spa’s address and phone number. Moreover, do not miss listing in other online directories such as Yelp, City Pages, Acxiom, etc.

Site Optimization

You might have a website with a pleasing design, but there is always room for improvement. Find out the issues related to your site and fix them. In addition, ensure that the features of your website are at par with that of your competitors.

There are many factors that can push clients away from your site. And the most common one is site loading speed. Even a delay of 100ms can decrease conversion rates by 7%. To keep these leads with you until they convert, you need a high-speed website that works well on a desktop as well as smartphones and tablets. 

Another critical aspect of a good website is its ease of navigation. Confusing customers with too many options on a single page or multiple sign-up requests can backfire. They might abandon your website and move to your competitors. So try to have a simple, user-friendly interface and minimize the frequency of sign-up requests. 

Content Marketing 

 You have the site already developed. It has been listed in the online directories. And you have a sufficient social media presence. Now, your goal should be to publish content to invoke the interest of the prospects. 

Before booking an appointment with your spa, customers often like to know and understand services, perks, and facilities. And sometimes, they get led to services by just reading an informative blog post about a brand new technique. 

Set up a blog and post guides for the readers. This is a great way to boost traffic on your site. By helping prospective customers through valuable content, you will also gain their trust and establish authority in the medical spa market. Nowadays, infographics, memes, and visual content are in trend, so do not forget to incorporate them into your content. 

To better manage content marketing and other digital marketing aspects of your business, you can also hire Practice Bloom. They are experts in digital marketing strategy for med spas and will take care of your marketing needs.

Online Reputation Management

 Online Reputation Management is another area your spa business needs to look at. Your reputation is the reward that customers give you for providing excellent service. In fact, for a medical spa, customer reviews and overall reputation is the most critical lead-closing factor. Conversely, a bad reputation can make your business collapse. 

In 2020, 87% of consumers went through reviews of local businesses before making a purchase or trying services. No customer wants to risk their money only to face disappointment. 

Hence, try to improve your online reputation management strategy. For example, ask your existing customers to post reviews of your spa services. And follow up after each appointment to get such feedback. 

You might have some negative reviews, but as long as you treat them fairly and improve, your overall reputation won’t hurt. So no matter what, keep reaching out to your spa customers frequently to get their reviews. 

Paid Search Campaign 

 When you are doing everything to increase prospects’ engagement on your site, running a paid campaign search will also help your medical spa.

Use Google Adwords for this purpose. Its proper usage will bring plenty of traffic and good quality leads to your website. Besides, retargeting ads is another brilliant idea that will boost your digital marketing strategy. 

Many businesses have used paid search successfully to attract leads. And this technique works well even beyond the medical spa industry. So make wise use of paid search campaigns, and you’ll surely see more customers knocking on your doors. 

Final words

 Deploying the above digital marketing techniques for your medical spa will surely be helpful in the long run. And you will also become a biggie in the spa industry in no time. So follow them diligently for success!

Sales & Marketing

5 Powerful Ways To Ignite Your Online Sales

Do not overlook your ability to overlook things. We all want results fast, yet we overlook the very things we can do to make that happen. Here is 5 focused steps to get your Internet sales up.

1. Are you someone who gives away what you know easily through your day, just talking at the coffee place or wherever you go? Consider offering that expertise as a bonus to a customer who comes aboard your Network marketing business, or who purchases a bundle of your products. A short conversation with you can’t help but add value.

Today it is all about value added angles to help bring more sales. Brainstorm on your business and see if you can’t find a few places to add incentives that will seem too good to turn away from. New prospects are those who are challenging you to make them new customers.

2. Keep this in the front of your minds: targeted marketing will always bring you better results than mass advertising. The Internet is full of deals to bring you a million hits, or a hundred thousand visitors. Do not waste your time and money.

Don’t just start placing ad’s randomly. If you plan out what it is you want to do, and you know who your targeted prospect is you will have a clearer idea where to place your marketing. A site like Alexa can help you figure out the best places and publications for you on the Net.

3. Details matter. Realize this and you are on your way to increasing your profits. Look at the details of your site, like graphics, or colors. Consider the text or copy that you are using to reach the new prospect. Improvements to the details of every aspect of your business will make a big difference.

4. Have a system in place to always have an email campaign going on in the background of your day-to-day business. Choose the right autoresponder or email marketing solutions company, and you have one of the best partnerships your online business can have.

The details in the messages you broadcast out are important. You should not be afraid to personalize all your e-mail messages. These are the ones that get read and are even saved. You should include the recipient’s name in the subject line. Your email will more often be opened than if you didn’t include it. It’s a busy world, you need to grab people’s attention quickly.

5. That leads to this last point. Marketing online is about flexibility. It’s about tweaking things and testing them out. Be open and willing to change anything. It could be testing a new price point for your product, adding in a new payment option, or doing what I call “wild mind”. That’s writing your marketing copy from your intuitive heart.

Whether you have found your online opportunity or are actively looking, know that what you will be doing is Response Marketing. The copy you use should always aim for an emotional response from your prospects.

Purchasing anything is always a tug of war between the excitement of having it and the logic of needing it. Prospects supply the logic, so you will be primarily appealing to the emotional reasons for them to jump in. Do this and you cannot help but light up your sales.

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