Five Tips For Entrepreneurs To Select Great Startup Company Names

Five Tips For Entrepreneurs To Select Great Startup Company Names

Entrepreneurs always look out for best possible names to name their Ideas in Practical way .Some entrepreneurs struggle to find great names which need to simple ,easy and reflect the brand they would be offering to massive world . Sometimes they make mistake in selection startup names which affects the marketing of the Small business for which they had planned . The Following Five great tips will help Entrepreneurs select great Name which will be Marketed as Brand and become the Sign of your Identification .


The name you are going to choose for your Idea should very Simple and easily pronounced so that people may not face any difficult while pronouncing the Name . The names such as Yahoo, Gmail , Google , Adobe , Paypal are the Great Names and simple to pronounce . The Names are given for example purpose since these names are the Copyrighted and cannot be used in any other company .

2.Should be New

The name you are going to choose should be New and Should not be match with already running Business . If It happens it may infringe the copyright trade Marks and you may be prosecute dbefore the law and pay heavy fines for not adhering to copyright laws .

3. Should be Single or Double Syllable Word

The Startup name you want to choose, should not be too long as SAMJOHNCOMPANY but it should be either of a Single Syllable Word having meaning related to your nature of Small Business or An acronym formed from the initials of Original Name of your Company such as NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) . You can also use the Abbreviation such ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation ) BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation ) . Choosing such Acronym or Abbreviation will help increase your Business Brand visibility as compared to names which are very long or not real words.

4. Unique

The name which is going to be chosen by the Entrepreneurs should be unique should not be just a expression .Unique names such as Google , Amazon , , , the names with Initials such as UNO , AOL etc are unique and reflect the brand and mostly Registered Trade Marks and regulated under IPO laws .

5. Get your name Registered

Registering your Name under Trade Mark laws will minimize any competitor to use your name for their Substandard service or registering a typo Error names such as Quikr in place of real name Quicker etc or Freelancer in place of . Registering your Company and Name will enable you to initiate Legal action against those who may attempt to defame your Startup with either substandard service or Product which you are offering and it is being Sold like hot cakes . You should also search the Company databases to make sure that the name you have selected does not match with an existing Company . You can do this by making internet Search , Company Registration authority of Your Country etc .

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