How to Choose the Right Size and Version of a Floor Standing Digital Signage Display

How to Choose the Right Size and Version of a Floor Standing Digital Signage Display

Choosing the right size and version of a free-standing digital poster display can make or break your digital marketing strategy. Whether you are looking for an outdoor kiosk, an indoor floor stand, or wall mounted display, it is important to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Here are some tips on how to choose the right size and version of a free-standing digital poster display:

1. Determine Your Location:

The location where you will place your floor-standing digital signage display is perhaps the most important factor when choosing which model to buy. If you plan on using it outdoors, look for weatherproof models designed for outdoor use. Indoor units should also be chosen carefully, as certain models offer better brightness levels and increased protection from dust particles. Additionally, consider any space constraints regarding size when selecting a suitable unit.


2. Consider Your Content Strategy:

Your content strategy should be considered before purchasing a free-standing digital poster display. Certain models may include features such as touch screens or motion sensors that can be used to increase interactivity with customers or even create immersive experiences, depending on your business needs. Analyzing how often content changes, what type of media needs to be displayed (images/videos), etc. will help determine which features would work best for you.

3. Understand your audience:

It is important to understand who the intended audience for your digital campaign will be in order to select an appropriate size and type of floor-standing digital signage display. For example, if customers need more time to interact with the advert, then larger displays will be more appropriate than smaller ones, as they will provide more detail and clarity regarding product information, resulting in higher customer engagement rates and repeat visits due to the overall improved user experience. On the other hand, smaller displays may benefit busy environments where shoppers need quick access to relevant product information without being too distracted from their primary task of shopping.

4. Research available options:

Researching available options before investing in free-standing digital poster displays can save time, money, and effort. Be sure to compare prices from different suppliers, paying attention to warranties offered, installation services, after-sales support, etc. In addition, look out for discounts or promotions offered by certain brands or manufacturers that may give you better value for money than others.

5. Get professional advice:

When making large purchases such as freestanding digital poster displays, it can be invaluable to seek professional advice from experienced professionals or trusted suppliers as they usually have extensive knowledge of the subject, including technical specifications relating to each different model. This will enable them to advise you properly on what would best suit your needs without risking any potential future complications due to a lack of prior familiarity with certain products.

6. Try different models:

Once all other factors have been taken into account, it’s worth physically trying out different models before making a purchase decision, if possible, just to familiarise yourself with their features & capabilities firsthand, especially if you intend to use interactive elements within your marketing campaign thereafter. It’ll also give you a good idea of how the content will appear visually from a distance, which could help determine whether certain models are suitable for your purpose or not, notwithstanding other considerations previously discussed above.

7. Choose Wisely:

Above all else, remember that choosing the right size & version of freestanding digital poster display requires careful consideration based on many factors discussed herein above, but ultimately it boils down to understanding exactly what works best for your individual circumstances & situation at hand, so choose wisely!

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