Where to Find the Best Deals on used motorbikes

Where to Find the Best Deals on used motorbikes

A motorbike is an often-forgotten asset. This asset is susceptible to wear and tear , and this necessitates a regular replacement . However, for many of us, the cost of purchasing a new motorcycle is simply too steep.

When you compare the price of a new motorbike to the cost of a second-hand model, a second-hand model will often appear more attractive . Of course , the prices of second-hand models can vary. But, in this guide, we’re going to focus on the best places online to buy cheap motorbikes. So, if you’re on the hunt for a great deal on a motorbike, read on.

What to look for when buying a used motorbike

A motorbike is unlike a car in terms of its depreciation . So , while the price of a new car depreciates from day one of purchase, a motorbike’s value can plummet before it has even been ridden off the forecourt !

This can be particularly problematic for young riders who are just starting out on their biking careers. They’ll likely not be able to afford to pay for a motorbike in full. So , they’ll need to look for a more affordable second-hand option .

However, when you’re buying a second-hand bike, you’ll need to be careful. At worst , you’ll end up with a faulty bike that breaks down on a regular basis. At best, you’ll end up with a perfectly functioning motorcycle, but at a steep discount from its original price tag .

But how do you go about choosing a quality second-hand bike ? Here are some things to look out for:

  • Is the bike still covered by its original warranty ?
  • How long have the previous owners been riding the bike ?
  • Have there been any major repairs or accidents ?
  • Has the bike been serviced regularly ?
  • How much does the mileage on the odometer read ?
  • Are the tyres in good condition ?
  • Is the paintwork intact ?
  • Are the brake pads in good condition ?
  • Are the brakes responsive ?
  • Is the clutch working well ?
  • Is the gear indicator working properly ?
  • Is the windscreen cracked ?
  • What type of condition is the bodywork in ?
  • Are there any warning lights on the dashboard ?
  • Are there any oil leaks ?

Where to find the best deals on used motorbikes

A lot of people selling good-quality second-hand motorbikes choose to list their bikes online. This is because of the huge amount of traffic on these sites . So , it will literally be impossible for you not to find a great bike at a great price.

Below , we’ve picked out the best websites where you’ll be able to find good-quality used motorbikes for sale . So, if you’re in the market for a motorbike, then check out these sites:

  • Usedbikes .ie
  • BikeExchange .ie
  • Bikequest .com
  • Spare Parts .ie
  • Motox .ie
  • Bikes .ie

How much a new motorbike costs

How much does a new motorbike cost ? This is a question that many people ask. But, the truth is, the price of a new motorbike is determined by a number of factors . These include the manufacturer, the engine size, the fuel efficiency , and the model.

For example, a new Yamaha R15 costs around €5,000. But, a new Suzuki GSX-R1000 costs around €10,000. The difference in price between these two bikes can be around €4 ,000. So, it’s safe to say that, when it comes to a new motorbike, you’re likely to pay more if you buy a motorbike from a big-name manufacturer.

The best places to buy used motorbikes

A lot of people assume that the best-quality used motorbikes are sold by dealerships. But, while dealerships do sell some quality second-hand motorcycles, this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are plenty of other places where you’ll be able to buy second-hand bikes.

Below , we’ve picked out four of the best places where you can buy a quality second-hand bike .

  • Asda
  • Autotrader
  • Motorbike Trader
  • Classic & Sports Car

The best places to sell your used motorbike

When you buy a new bike, you have the option of selling it after a year or so. But if you sell a second-hand bike , it can be much more difficult. This is because you’ll likely need to list the bike on a number of websites. And this can be time-consuming and frustrating .

But , there are many websites where you can sell your second-hand bike . Below, we’ve listed the top four websites where you can list your bike for sale.

  • Clutch Trader
  • Bike Exchange
  • Motox
  • Classic & Sports Car

How to sell your used bike online

First , you’ll need to register with the website. After that, you’ll need to add your bike to the marketplace . This will involve uploading a few pictures and completing the description of the bike.

Once you’ve added the bike to the marketplace , you’ll start to receive enquiries from potential buyers. From here, you can conduct negotiations with potential buyers and settle on a price that suits your budget .

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